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Who Could the New Kombatants for Mortal Kombat X Be?


Who Could the New Kombatants for Mortal Kombat X Be?


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Who is He? Originally a palette swap of Scorpion who first appeared in Mortal Kombat II (like every other ninja in the series), Smoke is the close friend of the younger Sub-Zero Kuai Liang, and the two of them left the Lin Kuei ninja clan when they learned the ninjas were about to be cyberized (don’t ask). Smoke was captured and converted into a cyborg who served under Noob Saibot. In MK 2011, he was killed alongside Sub-Zero and other Earthrealm warriors by Quan Chi and Sindel. He returns in Mortal Kombat X as one of Quan Chi’s revenants under the name “Enenra”.

Why Include Him? Despite his relatively supporting role in the series, he’s actually one of the most popular characters. Netherrealm has clearly shown that they love and listen to their various fans, and it’s hard to imagine that they don’t want Smoke to be a part of the universe in the future. Whether it’s as Enenra or as Smoke, fans sure would love to see this wispy ninja-cyborg-guy return to the fold.

Likelihood: 70%

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