Sonic the Hedgehog Joins the Party in Angry Birds Epic

Gotta go fast! But not that fast because this is a turn-based game.

A few months ago, characters from the mobile RPG Angry Birds Epic appeared in the endless runner Sonic Dash. To repay his feathered friends or more likely to fulfill a contractual obligation, Sonic the Hedgehog is now a party member in Angry Birds Epic.

This crossover is part of an Angry Birds Epic event that also unlocks a new class, mini campaign, and a Golden Pig dungeon. Once Sonic is unlocked, players can use him in a handful of dungeons. This is a limited time event, and Sonic will no longer be available to play after it ends.

What a perfect summary of the Blue Blur. Wild, untamed, and free…until SEGA forces him to make a crossover appearance. Still, this appearance and a few snarktastic Tweets does bring more attention to Sonic, and no publicity is bad publicity.

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