Release Your Inner Felyne in Monster Hunter X’s Newest Game Mode

You could say that this is a purrfect new mode.

Capcom recently released a new trailer for their upcoming title Monster Hunter X which, along with showing off some more of the games Hunting styles, also revealed that for the first time in the series you will be able to play as a Felyne Palico.

You will be able to do so by choosing a brand new mode called “Nyanter Mode”, whose name is supposed to be a play on the word hunter by the way. Judging from the trailer, Palicos will be able to do everything that Hunters can do, including mounting but they’ll be fighting smaller enemies, including the Bullfango and the Arzuros.

Monster Hunter X is due to come out in Japan on Nov 28 and there is also a limited edition Monster Hunter X 3DS XL model coming out for the game as well.

So what do you think about the news that for the first time ever, you’ll be able to play as the Felynes? Let us know in the comments below.

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