Pokken Tournament Is Coming to a New York Dave & Buster’s Next Week

Gotta fight them all!

The Pokemon fighting game Pokken Tournament won’t be released on Wii U until spring 2016. The wait is long, but next week American trainers will get a chance to play the game early. Restaurant/arcade Dave & Buster’s is bringing Pokken Tournament to their Times Square location.

Dave & Buster’s confirmed the game will be playable to the public only at their location in Times Square, New York. So far, this is the only confirmed preview of the game but it could lead to more in the future. Dave & Buster’s held a similar event this summer with Tekken 7placing arcade cabinets for the game in locations throughout the country.

If you need to see Pikachu body slamming much larger Pokemon in person, head to the Dave & Buster’s location in Times Square next week. If you can’t make the trip, there’s hours of footage from the game recorded at the Pokemon World Championships available online.

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