Playing Metal Gear Solid V: TPP on Your Birthday Grants You a Special Mission

Happy birthday, indeed!

Now that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is finally making the public rounds, plenty of easter eggs and fun extras are coming to light as gamers stumble upon them. This birthday mission is something truly special, and if you’d rather wait and see for yourself what happens when your birthday comes, you should probably stop reading.

Right, so it would seem that inputting your birthday at the beginning of Metal Gear Solid V isn’t just for analytical and statistical reasons. As players who were born on September 1 have found out, such as Imgur’s cubemonkey, you’ll soon receive a distress call from the mother base telling you to return immediately.

Upon your arrival, armed and ready to kick some ass, instead some fireworks start going off. Then a melodious happy birthday song rings out from your comrades. They wheel out a fancy cake, and even give you a cigar as a present. YouTuber Sage Merric has captured the unexpected and joyful event, so check it out.

It’s the little extra touches like this that make an already excellent game truly superb.

If you’re getting stuck in the game, check out our Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain wiki for plenty of tips and guides, as well as other neat bonuses you can find like this one.

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