Play Any Super Mario Maker Level on a Retro CRT With This Secret Code

Make your eyes bleed like it’s 1989.

Super Mario Maker is filled with tons of things that make any longtime Nintendo and Mario fan squeal with glee. For example, you can scan the 30th anniversary Mario amiibo in the original Super Mario Bros. theme to get a lot of funky secrets unlocked in the level. (Like Goombas with mustaches!) One of the coolest things this adds is the retro feel of a CRT TV’s graphics. The game takes you back to the old days and makes you feel like you’re playing on one of those old television boxes instead of your fancy, flatter, and much more modern one.

However, there’s a secret trick to get that effect on any level, even without the amiibo. Immediately after selecting a level, hold down on the D-Pad and A plus B at the same time. You’ll instantly see the change and will be all set with that retro goodness applied to any level! If you want to turn it off, just hold down on the D-Pad and A plus B at the same time again during a loading screen. Yes, you can only activate or deactivate it during loading screens, so keep that in mind.

What do you think of this? Are you having a good time with Super Mario Maker? Let us know in the comments below!

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