NFL Player Used a Super Smash Bros. Move in a Touchdown Celebration

Travis Kelce with the charged B for the touchdown.

It appears that Travis Kelce of the Kanas City Chiefs may be a bit of a Super Smash Bros. fan because the NFL Twitter account has tweeted a video of him scoring a touchdown in a recent game using Donkey Kong’s signature punch move from Super Smash Bros. 

Along with tweeting the video, the NFL Twitter account also wrote: “Travis Kelce had one TD. Travis Kelce now has TWO TDs. And this one went for FORTY-TWO Yards. #KCvsHOU.”

Under the video, users tweeted about both the game and Kelce’s unique celebration:



So what do you think of Travis Kelce taunt and have you ever used a Super Smash Bros. taunt in public yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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