Terrifying, “Facially Correct” Fan Recreation of the Original Max Payne in Max Payne 3 Surfaces

Max Payne gets another reason to sulk and drink his life away.

Oh, this is much worse. Yes, we know Max Payne 3 already had the original 2001 constipated Max Payne as an Easter Egg skin; however, those pursed lips and accursed eyes in agony didn’t extend passed the leather jacket and flowery shirt. Years later, Imgur user BalloonMoose managed to figure out how “Payne face” translates without the hair. Dubbed as “Facially Correct Max Payne,” BalloonMoose takes the horrid product of early polygonal development a step further. Now we see how the original shapes up against modern Max’s bald and beard dos.

“Constipated” doesn’t seem to fit this new look of Payne. He’s less looking for a bathroom and more asking his father what rock canyon he spawned from (or questioning his relation to Ron Perlman). It’s not a good look, Max. You need to find a toupee.

Fun Fact: Founding member of Remedy Entertainment and writer of Max Payne and Max Payne 2 Sam Lake was the original model for Max Payne. It’s fair to say comparing Max Payne’s face to vintage wine should be out of the question. Should we see more modern recreations of classic characters adorning their original bone structures? Let us know in the comments!

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