Morbid Half Life 3 Easter Egg in Mad Max Is Definitely Not the Confirmation We’re Waiting For

Well, that seems a bit extreme.

Okay, Mad Max, we get it. You’re really tough and metal and a little psycho in a scary yet lovable way. But did you have to make your Half Life 3 easter egg so ruthless? Did anyone need to innocently run into the charred remains of what seems to be Gordon Freeman, mangled and displayed as a grim reminder of what never was?

If you want to check out the sight for yourself, the easter egg can be found at a cliff side in the Grit Canyons. There, you’ll come across the decimated remains of a spectacled man.

half life gordon freeman dead mad max easter egg

Beside him, a severed arm still wielding his trusty crowbar.

half life 3 mad max easter egg

And, just to drive it home, an orange “3” rests right below the torn limb.

half life 3 easter egg mad max

If you need help finding the spot, here’s a map and a picture of said cliff burial site.

half life 3 mad max easter egg where how to find half life 3 mad max easter egg where how to find

Thanks to for the find, even though it’s not quite the Half Life 3 tease we were hoping for.

Mad Max may have launched in the colossal shadow of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but there’s still plenty of reasons to give the crazy, vehicular title a try. You can check out our review and see why we enjoyed Mad Max‘s wild world.

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