Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Guide – Tips for Expanding Mother Base

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Focus on R&D and Intel

Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain can be really overwhelming when you first gain access to it, but knowing which units to focus on can give you a serious edge during the early hours of the game. The first thing you’ll want to do is upgrade your R&D and Intel Units. This will allow you to unlock the better upgrade tiers for your trusty binoculars. Upgrading them will help Big Boss see a soldier’s stats before deciding whether or not to Fulton them back to base.

The best way to expand Mother Base and its staff is by kidnapping soldiers on the field, but you want to kidnap only the ones that are worth bringing onboard. With the upgraded binoculars, you’ll also be able to check what specific traits and skills they have. Efficient kidnapping is key to building a strong staff back at Mother Base, so make sure to upgrade those binoculars ASAP.

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