Metal Gear Solid Music Producer Rika Muranaka Laments Konami’s Lack of AAA Games

The Konami wave of disappointment continues!

Rika Muranaka, a music producer, composer, and lyricist on several Metal Gear Solid games, outed frustrations with Konami on twitter. Muranaka linked to a news story on Konami stopping all console game development and added she needed to find another game company due to this development.

After she tweeted the story, several tweets of hers were of of a couple of retweets and replies to-and-from commentors complimenting her work and expressing sadness by the news. She heard the news while attending TouhouCon, a convention celebrating the Dojin game series of Touhou, as the guest of honor.

Rika Muranaka worked as a music producer on Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and on a few songs in the Metal Gear Solid series such as “Can’t Say Goodbye To Yesterday” and “The Best Is Yet to Come.” Songs you will very much hear in the recent Metal Gear Solid album put up for sale on iTunes. If you need further context for Konami’s recent shift in direction, we have a few stories for you.

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