Konami’s Technology Director and Fox Engine Overseer Has Quit

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Julien Merceron, the Worldwide Technology Director for Konami, has quit the company. He joined Konami in 2013 and was an overseer for the Fox Engine that was utilized in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Pro Evolution Soccer. Julien has worked in the gaming industry in the past, serving as CTO or a Technology Director for a number of game companies ranging from Eidos, to Square Enix, to Ubisoft.


No official statement has been issued as to why he’s left, but judging from the year Konami has had, it might have something to do with the shift in focus from consoles to mobile. Although, they did promise they weren’t going to give up on consoles altogether. This is just another instance of Konami’s tough year, with Kojima having left, them closing down 31 mobile games, and reports that they’re a less than stellar company to work with. 

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