How Has Destiny Managed to Stay Relevant For an Entire Year?

One year down, more to go.

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So it’s been a year since the launch of vanilla Destiny and it is still going strong. This is during a day and age when games are picked up, dominated and soon lose their place in the spotlight. It’s not because the games stop being good or anything of that nature, it’s just that there is always something new lines up that comes in and steals the show.

But Destiny has overcome the fate that befalls just about every game to be released. Over the past 12 months, it has managed to find its way to the front of the line at every turn. Something most games can only dream of was pulled off by a brand new IP with relative ease.

When looking back at the impressive year that Destiny and the folks at Bungie have had, the question that comes to mind is how? How did they do it? And the answer is that it was no one single factor.

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