Finally You Can See the Sick World of Waluigi in Super Mario Maker

The coins will never fill the void.

This is what Super Mario Maker was invented for. This is what it was meant to be. Some amazing soul named Kris has created an incredible four minute level that dives into the sick psyche of a fairly glossed over villain in Mario infamy: Waluigi. It doesn’t involve much action and there is a lot of walking to the right while reading detrimental words spelled out in coins, but it’s a really good representation of what it might be like inside the head of the twisted maniac, Waluigi. “The coins will never fill the void,” and, “You can’t succeed as yourself, Waluigi. You never could,” are simply perfect.


You can check out a video below of a YouTuber playing the level to see it in action, or play it for yourself if you have Super Mario Maker with the code DAF8-0000-0027-7A46.

What did you think of the level? Are you having fun with Super Mario Maker? Do you think we’ll ever get the Waluigi game everyone never knew they wanted? Let us know in the comments below!

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