Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Show the Return of Chocobos and More

Everybody’s favorite yellow birds are back as XV draws nearer.

Tokyo Game Show is underway, and the Final Fantasy XV news is starting to roll out. Square Enix  earlier released and extended version of the “Dawn”  trailer that we saw a few weeks ago as well as some screenshots from the upcoming title.

We get a good look at two of the main characters Noctis and Luna, and a scene of the main party bonding over the classic past time of fishing. Of course the cherry on the top, is the return of those famous adorable yellow birds Chocobos. There’s also a piece of artwork Square has released for the game. The long road is almost over, Final Fantasy XV is expecting a simultaneous world release in 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Is your excitement for the long awaited Final Fantasy XV building?

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