Every Fallout 4 Pre-Order Will Come With a Perk Tree Poster

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Fallout 4 is a little over a month and a half away, and Bethesda’s been pulling back the curtain ever so slowly. Today, they went into more details on how the leveling and perks system will be working, and also revealed the full perk chart used in Fallout 4.

“We really love the idea of putting the Perk poster on our own wall, and think you will too,” Bethesda shared in the postscript of a recent leveling and perk blog. “So every physical pre-order copy of Fallout 4 will come with one.”

It’s possible that the poster will be a wallpaper for digital pre-orders, or that they’ll sell it separately, but Bethesda has yet to clarify.

Fallout 4 opens the Vault for all players on November 10 for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. For more, check out some of today’s top stories.

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