Even Hideo Kojima’s Eyewear Line Gets Credits in Metal Gear Solid V: TPP

Fourth wall broken.

In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, credits roll for seemingly forever through the prologue and even at the start of the game. When you first start your adventure as Snake, you’ll see names pop up in white that depict the many different talents that were tapped for the making of this masterpiece.

And then it’ll show a close-up of Ocelot, and you’ll see a most peculiar message in white.


That’s right, Hideo Kojima’s real life eyewear line in collaboration with J.F. Rey gets credited whenever its shown in the game. The ultimate branding master. It makes sense, really, since they’re such beautiful sunglasses.

That’s not the sun shining. It’s Ocelot’s face. Because of the glasses. The glasses are hot, is what I’m saying.


Snake can’t bear to look them head on. They’re just too cool for him. All he has is an eyepatch and a raggedy ponytail; who would ever ask him out to homecoming?


But then Ocelot’s like, “No worries, you too can look on fleek, BROTHAAAAAR.” He hands him a pair of more J.F. Rey x MGS V sunglasses and everyone is suddenly reminded that they’re playing a video game.


If you want a pair for yourself, they start at around $197.

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