Dragon Age Inquisition Gets a Game of the Year Edition Next Month

Your complete adventure awaits, Inquisitor.

Dragon Age Inquisition is a pretty awesome game. That’s not exactly surprising since it’s a Bioware title, and they tend to make pretty awesome games. The action-RPG with fun combat and great characters has been resonating with people for nearly a year at this point and is sure to continue until the next title in the series.

Today, Bioware has announced that Dragon Age Inquisition is getting an awesome Game of the Year edition on October 6 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can expect the three story DLCs–Descent, Jaws of Hakkon, and the recently released Trespasser–the Spoils of the Avaar and Qunari add-ons, and the deluxe upgrade. To celebrate the announcement, Bioware’s also put out a trailer that is–you guessed it–awesome.

Plan on grabbing the GOTY edition of Dragon Age Inquisition? Let us know below.

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