Destiny: TTK – How to Find All Calcified Fragments Locations

These are a doozy.

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One of the many collectibles found within Destiny: The Taken King are calcified fragments. These are definitely required to appease Eris Morn’s greedy butt for a special exotic. So if you want the Touch of Malice or you just plain ol’ love to collect, keep your eyes peeled for a shiny blue beacon that you can nab in these locations.

I (1) – Located in the Mausoleum, where the Chest of Maggots is (past the secret pathway you’ll need Ghost to illuminate). Look upon that platform for the fragment.

II (2) – Located in the Mausoleum within the Dreadnaught, where there is a large statue upon a circular platform. You’ll go through the door past the statue, where the calcified remains will be next to a weird alien container.

III (3) – Located in the Mausoleum within the Dreadnaught, it’ll be through the door above. Continue through there. You’ll reach a seemingly dead-end area, however, you just need to jump to the ledge within there.

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