Destiny: The Taken King Raid Gear Armor Leaked and Explained

Call a plumber, we’ve got a leak.

When a new patch is introduced to a game, there will often be data hidden within that patch that isn’t mean to come into play until a certain date or time. For example, in past Destiny experience, we’ve seen people uncover “locked” levels through exploring glitches as well as we have seen people engage in data mining to obtain more information about the game for us players.

While I don’t personally know all the details of how data mining is done, I do appreciate when it leads to information leaks that get the community hyped up about new content, which seems to be the case right now. While Bungie has not officially released the info on the Destiny: The Taken King, King’s Fall Raid gear, information on these pieces of armor has started to appear in a few places around the internet. If you’re more prone to reading, you might want to check out the Destiny: The Taken King, King’s Fall Raid gear on the

Titan Armor:

Warlock Armor:

Hunter Armor:

By now, you’ve probably noticed that unlike previous raids, there are two full sets of gear for the Destiny: The Taken King, King’s Fall Raid. If you’re more prone to watching videos, you might enjoy listening to Youtube user Arekkz Gaming share his thoughts on the new gear and give some explanation to the perks:

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