Destiny: The Taken King Starter Tips – 7 Things You Should Do Immediately

Let’s get you started the right way.

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Pledge Allegiance to a Faction

Dead Orbit Faction Badge Destiny The Taken King

One of the first and easiest things to do in Destiny: The Taken King is to join up with a faction. If you’re used to vanilla Destiny and haven’t been paying close attention to the news, you might remember factions requiring guardians to wear a faction class item that transferred Crucible and Vanguard progress into faction progress.

Now, in Destiny: The Taken King choosing a faction no longer means losing out on Vanguard and Crucible progress. The three categories level up simultaneously which means that you should join a faction as soon as possible before doing anything that would gain your guardian experience. Plus, there are new faction specific-quest to look forward to completing. 

While you’re not locked into your faction choice for life, you can only select a new faction once per week. So, take some time to consider what faction you want to level up before you commit and are locked in for 7 days.

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