Capcom Has Announced the Resident Evil Origins Collection and a New Wesker Mode

Embrace the Uroboros virus with Resident Evil Zero’s new mode.

Earlier today, Capcom uploaded some new trailers on the Resident Evil YouTube account which revealed that there will be a new ‘Wesker Mode’ in Resident Evil Zero. They also revealed that they will be bundling both HD remakes of the first game and Zero in the Resident Evil Origins Collection in 2016. 

Starting with the new ‘Wesker Mode’, this extra mode will see players playing through Resident Evil Zero as series villain Albert Wesker and Rebbeca. In this mode, players will be taking control of an Uroboros empowered Albert Wesker who will be able to blast enemies in front of him and has super speed.

The Resident Evil Origins Collection trailer also revealed that Capcom will be releasing this bundle for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Jan 22, 2016. Capcom will also be releasing a downloadable version of this bundle sometime in early 2016.

So what’s your opinion on the new ‘Wesker Mode’? Are you excited for the Resident Evil Origins Collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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