Another Destiny: The Taken King Quest Bug Found Due to Calcified Remains

She only wanted ONE.

Players are experiencing problems with Eris Morn’s quest Shattered Past regarding the collection of ‘Calcified Remains’ in Destiny: The Taken King. While questing in the Hive Dreadnaught, players might stumble upon a legendary item called ‘Calcified Remains.’ Upon pickup, the quest beckons Guardians back to the Tower to talk to Eris Morn.

The problem arises if the player picks up more of the item while on the Dreadnaught and attempts to turn in more than one to the quest giver. Upon giving the item to Eris Morn, she will immediately ask the player to collect five more on the massive Hive ship, effectively wiping out the remaining ‘Calcified Remains’ in the player’s inventory.

It’s recommended that Destiny: The Taken King players return to Eris Morn with only one ‘Calcified Remains’ item in their inventory, that way no progress is lost in case they find another while questing. Finding more of the ‘Calcified Remains’ item is similar to finding lost Ghosts. Guardians can find the items scattered around the Dreadnaught under rubble and other dead ends.

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