Action-Packed League of Legends PROJECT Trailer Flashes a Possible New Champion

Master Yi like you’ve never seen him before.

League of Legends‘ new PROJECT skins have finally been initiated, bringing with them a tense trailer full of new animations, futuristic deception, and possibly a teaser for an upcoming champion.

PROJECT has been one of the more mysterious League of Legends promotions, beginning with a teaser website that has now evolved into a database centered around Master Yi’s painful and fragmented memories. The PROJECT: OVERDRIVE trailer deepens the intrigue, with the help of some cyborg tech and a 3v1 battle against Zed on a platform plummeting from a skyscraper. Just normal Zed things.

Glimpses into Yi’s past shed a new light on the Wuju master’s history. His Ionian home was once ruthlessly destroyed by a Noxian invasion, and his traumatic visions of a large enemy may just mean a new Noxian champion on the way. Though the dual swords resemble Shen or Olaf, the former’s ninja stature and the latter’s use of axes seems to suggest a new character altogether.

You can check out the official PROJECT page for more details and some high definition wallpapers.

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