10 of Your Favorite Video Game Characters Turned into Peanuts Characters

Sephiroth, you blockhead!

Later this year, Charlie Brown and all his friends will be returning to the silver screen with a brand new film, The Peanuts Movie. In an effort to promote the film, the 20th Century Fox Animation studio created a website where you can create your very own avatar based on the iconic style of Charles M. Schultz himself. To create such an avatar is to “Peanutize” oneself. So what was the first thing we here at Twinfinite thought to do? Peanutize our favorite video game characters, of course!

Nathan Drake, Uncharted series

Pagan Min, Far Cry 4

Ling Xiaoyu, Tekken series

Tuxedo Geralt, The Witcher series

Ness, Earthbound

Max Caulfield, Life is Strange

Sephiroth, Final Fantasy VII


Link, The Legend of Zelda series

Clementine, Telltale’s The Walking Dead


Kratos, God of War series (kind of)


Have you given the Peanuts treatment to any of your favorite characters? Share them with us in the comments!

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