Here’s Some Incredible Witcher 3 Panorama Shots in Case You Forgot How Gorgeous the Northern Kingdom Is

Everything looks impressive in panorama mode.

Ever wondered what Geralt of Rivia would do with a cell phone? Ever wondered what would happen if Geralt switched his phone camera setting to “Panorama”? Well, we’ve got the answer to one of those questions.

Reddit and Imgur user R_Spc (rspc on Imgur) did the world a kind favor and reminded us just how really (or dare we say “Ultra”?) gorgeous the Witcher 3 is with high-quality panorama shots.

“I love the beautiful landscapes in The Witcher 3, so I made some panoramas to show them off. PC ‘Ultra’ settings” says uploader R_Spc in his Imgur post. Over 30 shots of sunsets, villages, countrysides, and bodies of water to gaze upon the canvas of the Northern Kingdoms and The Continent.

Don’t believe us? You should preview five of the best panorama photos done by R_Spc above. Naturally, you can examine the entire library of Witcher 3 photographs in all of its thousand-plus-by-thousand-plus glory. They really put those 1080p promotional screenshots to shame.

Which would you say is your favorite picture of the bunch?

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