We Finally Have the Splatoon and Team Fortress 2 Crossover We’ve Been Waiting For

You’re a Heavy now, you’re a squid now!

The crossovers keep coming for Nintendo’s Splatoon. Next weekend, they’re getting invaded by the Transformers and Shia LeBeouf. Now, a new crossover has emerged for the ink-based shooter. Someone’s gone and added the Squid Girl to Valve’s multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2, who isn’t new to crossovers themselves this week. And yes, it’s pretty cool. Go ahead and take a look at it:

It’s not 100% clear if someone actually modded the Squid Girl into Team Fortress 2 or it’s just startlingly on point Splatoon and TF2 fan art. Either way, it’s pretty awesome to see. Only question now is what do we call this crossover? Ink Fortress 2? Team Fortress Splat2?

Come up with your crossover name in the comments below. Any other game you’d like to crossover Splatoon with?

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