Twitch Is Playing Dark Souls Right Now, in Case You Needed Some Utter Chaos in Your Life Today


Twitch Plays Dark Souls is happening. It’s happening right now. In fact, over three thousand Twitch players are about to face the game’s first boss… if they can open the single door standing in their way.

Ever since Twitch Plays Pokemon started the community gaming revolution with a social experiment, there isn’t much Twitch won’t try playing these days. Hordes of viewers have collectively played titles like Mario, Zelda, and even Halo. The sky is the limit, really. A fish has even played Pokemon on Twitch.

Now, the internet has rallied together once more to take on what is perhaps its greatest challenge yet.

Twitch Plays Dark Souls

A game requiring minute skill, precise coordination, and honed timing, Dark Souls was never meant to be played by thousands of people rabidly tossing command prompts into a console.

But we’re doing it anyway. And it’s looking a little something like this:

twitch plays dark souls

So far, we’ve got a cleric named “otwasd.” Humble otwasd has been tumbling around corridors for quite a while now, and all that stands in his way is a single door. Try as he might, otwasd has yet to walk up to the grate and hit the ‘Open’ command. But we’ll get there eventually. And then there’s the Asylum Demon to deal with.

Let’s… let’s not think about that.

You can watch the slow, painful, and possibly nonexistent progress over on the TwitchPlaysDark channel.


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