The Best of Roach Being Utterly Brain-Dead in The Witcher 3

Hang in there, buddy.

Roach you can’t… you can’t just multiply into dozens of clones. It’s not normal, man.

We’ve been at this for years, Roach. You need to know by now that none of those people are me.


Hey man, you don’t have to kill yourself. We’ll get the gate open.

He’s about to give me money, Roach, please not now.


It’s okay, Roach, plenty of horses don’t understand the basic physics of solid objects.

Were there a sigh infinite enough.

Roach, when I call you, I don’t really need you to bring the other side of the universe with you.

It’s okay to be different, Roach.

Just hang in there, buddy.

Okay, this isn’t really Roach’s fault. But we can pretend it is.

We love you anyways, pal.

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