The Best PAX Prime Booth Award Definitely Goes to Telltale Games for Minecraft: Story Mode

Punch the walls.

Among all the booths in all of PAX Prime Land, we had to walk into this one (because of an appointment). Telltale Games hit it out of the park this year with their Minecraft: Story Mode booth and presentation. It all looked like it was directly taken out of the game and put in the real world.

Every little decoration inside was straight out of Minecraft; there were glowing torches, character heads on the wall, switches, bookshelves, chests, and of course, the diamond weapons.There were even lines of Red Stone going from where the Xbox Ones were places to the TVs above. It was all beautifully designed, and there was very little to break the immersion. Check out some pictures below!

Definitely deserving of the Best Booth Award (if it existed and Twinfinite actually gave those out). What do you think? Does this make you want a Minecraft theme park, like, really badly?

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