Minecraft: How to Get 25 Mods You Absolutely Can’t Play Without

No more vanilla base game for you!

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Better HUD

minecraft mod

Minecraft’s got a pretty good HUD as is, but there’s always room for improvement. With the Better HUD mod, you’ll have a compass, the time and day, the armor you’re wearing and arrows you’re holding, and anything your cursor points at will be broken down for you at a glance.

What about if you’re tired of having to keep switching things out from the hotbar just so you can easily equip it? The Dual Hotbars mod aims to give you way more space so there’s a whole lot less inventory checking.

Next up in the HUD optimization we have the TooManyItems mod. Its uses include buttons that change the time, change the gamemode, and fill hunger/health. Additionally, it’s an inventory management mod to help creators save a lot of time. You can search any block and add it to your inventory for a full set.

And finally, if clutter isn’t your style, there’s the Compact Display HUD mod that adds a sleek, minimalistic HUD to the game.

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