Microsoft Working on Making Xbox One Backwards Compatible with 360 DLC

Rest assured, Xbox One owners.

Back at E3, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be backwards compatible starting in the fall, albeit rolled out slowly over time. The next question on everyone’s minds was if the 360’s extensive DLC library would be able to be played on Xbox One as well. When asked on Twitter recently, Phil Spencer responded with this:

This news is important to Gears of War fans in particular because the Xbox One version of the original game will allow the other three games to be backwards compatible over time. The Gears franchise has plenty of multiplayer maps and single player missions for players to sink into, and if that doesn’t work for Gears 2 or 3, fans certainly won’t be happy.

Backwards compatibility comes to the Xbox One in November. What titles do you hope become backwards compatible soon? Sound off in the comments below.

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