League of Legends: Server Move Provides Connection Clinic For Players With Issues

In the end there should be “better overall stability and reduced packet loss.”

Today, League of Legends is moving their server from Portland to Chicago. The move is being implemented to improve connection quality for many players.  In the end there should be “better overall stability and reduced packet loss.”

However, as a result many League of Legends players should see changes in their connection speeds.  West coast players will likely see decreases while East coast players should see dramatic increases.  Reddit user Riot Ahab, lists many of the details of the changes on reddit.

RiotAhab [ “Hey everyone! Ideally almost everyone post-migration will be under 80ms to Chicago. If you’re seeing a ping value drastically higher than that or think you’re experiencing issues, we’re going to need your help chasing down routing issues that could be sending your data bouncing around the internet.

We’re planning on holding a live Connection Clinic Megathread with live support from the rest of the NA Server Roadmap networking team, as well as a tool to help map your tracert and get us the info needed to identify and troubleshoot issues. The thread should go live once the Chicago move is finalized – I’ll update this comment with a link once it’s live.

Thanks so much to everyone for your help and patience as we hammer out the kinks with this move!”

To address these connection speed variances, Riot Games is working out patching issues and will be holding a live connection clinic asking players to run tests on their connections to the Chicago server and have them send the results to Riot. If you’re experiencing connection issues, you may want to check out the  Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread.

What do you think about the League of Legends server migration? Overjoyed that your connection speeds are finally getting fixed? Had perfect connection and annoyed that they’re messing with it now? Be sure to let us know how you feel in the comments.

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