This League of Legends Tower Statue in Brazil is Worth Checking Out

Seriously Riot Games, this could be the perfect time for you to attack.

The League of Legends‘ offices in Brazil have revealed their huge fortified turret statue in the Villa Lobos Park, located in São Paulo, Brazil and it’s pretty freaking sweet.

The familiar game-to-real life statue is approximately 29 feet tall, has a working light at the top of it, and even plays music from League of Legends. The tower will be up until tonight, and will be moved throughout cities in Brazil.

League of Legends

“We decided to create it so that League of Legends players can have even more interaction with the game and share this experience with your friends,” said Riot Games Brazil’s General Manager, Roberto Iervolino. The objective of the statue is to allowing traveling League of Legends players to meet up with other LoL players from all over.

Now we can only hope that Riot Games doesn’t secretly weaponize them and spread them across the world.

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