Here Are 8 of the Best Highlights from Destiny: The Taken King’s Twitch Stream

So much new!

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Light Level

the taken king

Not too long ago Bungie revealed that Light Levels wouldn’t be going away with the new focus on earning experience, but would be used differently. Today, some much needed clarification was provided about just what that meant for Destiny: The Taken King. When you first start Destiny: The Taken King, the game will take stock of every single piece of gear that you own and use it to discern your overall power level.

That means every single thing you own, even those Legendaries you’re thinking about getting rid of, will contribute to your guardian once Destiny: The Taken King releases. So, it turns out that all of those Year One Legendaries aren’t useless after all.

On top of that, class specific items and Ghost Shells will contribute to your Light Level making them much more than just pretty drops during raids when what you’re really looking for is to get stronger. Everything will now contribute to your characters’ overall power, meaning no more useless drops. 

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