Clickhole Took the Time to Beautifully Dub the Donkey Kong Soundtrack over The Godfather

It’s so wrong, it’s right.

Clickhole does a great many things. Who could forget their breaking exposé on “Why Yellow Is A Better Color Than Orange Even Though They’re Both Still Pretty Good,” or the time they acted as an official federal voting booth?

Now, Clickhole brings us another act of heroism, heroism in the form of the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack overlaid onto dramatic scenes from The Godfather. It’s so wrong… but yet, it’s so right.

(The following content is rated R. Honor system, kids.)

Donkey Kong and The Godfather, a match made in Nintendo-Coppola heaven. Nevermind. Nintendo-Coppola heaven actually sounds terrifying.

Let us know which wholesome clip was your favorite and what Nintendo soundtrack you want dubbed over Apocalypse Now in the comments below.

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