The Internet Ravenously Photoshops TIME Magazine Oculus Rift Cover with Magical Results

We hardly knew ye, VR…

Ok, this looks bad. TIME magazine recently released its latest cover (Vol. 186 No. 6) and cover story this week of the growing prominence of VR. The publication took a shot of Palmer Luckey, creator of Oculus Rift, using his creation in the backdrop of a beach looking awkward and barefoot.

Now, Luckey loves the casual look. Awkward VR use isn’t new, and Luckey’s barefoot-showing attire isn’t either, as he shows up in public and profession outings with his feet out in the open.

What is new is the completely ridiculous TIME cover of him taking both his foot comfort and goofy VR photos up to 11. While the content of the writing is subject to some out of touch and incredulous speak nowadays, the incredible amount of parodies and photo-editing use the internet got out of the cover is blissful. Soak it in, folks.

The initial reactions:

 Then the majestic photoshops:

 Then the pop culture references:

  Then the TIME-exclusive wave six Amiibo was confirmed:

Then Some tried to make sense of the cover with perspective:

Then the only logical reasoning for the photo:

Then the shameless self-promotions:

Then, oh, come on now.

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