Everything We Learned About Final Fantasy XV at Gamescom 2015

Please be excited.

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‘Dawn’ Trailer

Square Enix brought a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV to Gamescom this year, Dawn. While it didn’t show off any gameplay, the trailer did place a large focus on the game’s story and how the plot will kick off in the final product. During Square Enix’ Active Time Report, game director Hajime Tabata also mentioned that all the scenes from the trailer were cut from actual in-game footage, which shows us just how gorgeous the Luminous engine is.

For those of you who have already seen the trailer, you were probably wondering what those huge shadowy giants at the end were. Well, this was brought up during the ATR, but unfortunately, Tabata responds by saying that he can’t tell us too much about them right now, but Square Enix will have further updates coming up in the future.

Lastly, the actual game and its story will take place 15 years after what was shown in the trailer.

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