6 Games That Would Be Better Movies than Hitman

Let’s go to the movies!

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In 2011, Supergiant Games released Bastion, an isometric action-RPG about a young adult in a dying world whose adventures were narrated by a man with a disturbingly sexy voice. Last year, Supergiant released Transistor, an isometric action-RPG about a young adult in a dying world whose sole companion was a sword with a disturbingly sexy voice. It’d be wrong to say that Transistor is just Bastion with a sci-fi palette swap and a female protagonist, but the similarities between them are fairly solid. Instead of choosing one over the other for a film, why not opt to bundle them together, Cloud Atlas style?

The Wachowskis’ 2012 action/sci-fi film dealt with multiple lives spanning different generations, genders, and races. In one moment, viewers would see Tom Hanks and Halle Berry in 1849, and in the next, Seoul, North Korea in the year 2144. The Supergiant double feature could take a page from this as an animated film with two different art styles, alternating between the adventures of the Kid and Red in their respective worlds and showing how his actions affected hers. The subtlest connection between the two is Logan Cunningham, who voices the Old Man in Bastion and the titular Transistor. He can be the audience POV and provide insight into the minds of both protagonists.

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