10 Games You Should Be Looking Forward to in August 2015

August steps it up with some much needed variety.

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Galak-Z (Aug. 4)


Back at E3 2013, 17-BIT took to the stage during the Sony press conference and showed off a game that brought back memories of sci-fi anime and classic arcade action. That game was Galak-Z, an open-world, roguelite space adventure that puts players in control of one of the best damn fighter pilots the universe has ever seen. Built with challenging enemy AI, real-time physics, upgrade systems, stealth, and a mission structure made to make players feel like they’re in one of their favorite animated features, Galak-Z is ready to wow gamers on the PlayStation 4 and PC come August 4.

If you’re still on the fence about this one, keep in mind your fighter jet can turn into a mech. Check out Galak-Z‘s official site for more.

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