Today’s Xbox One Update Prepares for Backwards Compatibility and Windows 10 Streaming

Be prepaaaaared!

Later today, Xbox One owners will be getting a new systems update, which prepares the system for the upcoming Xbox 360 backwards compatibility and ability to stream games from Windows 10.

According to Major Nelson’s blog, the reason why there are no new features in this update is because the update team is focusing “on the new Xbox One Experience” which is due to come out later this year.


The “New Xbox One Experience” will allow users to include vertical scrolling so they can go through the menus quicker. Players will also be able to stay connected with other gamers easily with the new community area and see what’s trending with ease.

This update will prepare the Xbox One for Windows 10 streaming ahead of Windows 10 Xbox One release on July 29th. While the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility won’t be coming to the Xbox One for a few months, Microsoft has already released a full list of what titles will be backwards compatible. These titles will include Mass Effect 1 and Super Meat Boy and users will be able to use new console features while playing, as well.

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