Turns Out Nintendo is Publishing Devil’s Third After All

Guess that bad blood got cleared up.

A few weeks ago, rumors were going around that Tomonobu Itagaki’s WiiU game Devil’s Third wasn’t going to be published by Nintendo. Itagaki basically said that it was a load of BS and that the world brimmed over with “lies and rumors”.

Turns out that Itagaki was right and Devil’s Third is indeed going to be published by Nintendo. Not only that, but Valhalla Studios will be retaining publishing responsibilities for the PC version. The WiiU version will have a full multiplayer version and complete story mode. The PC version will be “free to start” and have a multiplayer experience “tailored to the platform”. Exactly what that means is unknown, but Valhalla hasn’t offered any further details, or if the PC version will even have a single player.

Devil’s Third launches on the WiiU quarter four of this year.

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