Turn Trevor into The Joker in this Grand Theft Auto V Mod

It’s simple, we rob the Union Depository.

One of Grand Theft Auto V‘s three protagonists, Trevor Philips, is seriously one scary dude, but imagine him as one of the most infamous psychopathic super villains known in the DC comics universe?

Well, thankfully now you can, because the Internet has decided that mixing Trevor Philips and The Joker was a good idea and they’re kinda right.

Grand Theft Auto V

Using Ms7mido’s GTA 5 Joker mod and Play’n’Roll’s tuxedo mod, you can recreate your favorite Dark Knight scenes, just like DomesticMango did in this Youtube video below. Play’n’Roll also has skins so you can turn Franklin into Black Mask and Michael into Two-Face.

All of the screenshots done by Berduu show off just how good Trevor is as The Joker. Maybe we should get Trevor’s voice actor, Steven Ogg to test out some Joker lines?


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