The Division’s Newest Trailer Reveals the Origins of The Dark Zone

“They said it was just the flu… But it turned out to be something else entirely…”

In Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s newest story trailer, Ubisoft is elaborating on the origins of the game’s Dark Zone.

While the trailer doesn’t show any actual gameplay, it does reveal a slew of more information about where the game’s infamous apocalypse started, following the spread of an infectious disease that killed off most of New York City’s population.

The Division Dark Zone

The video stills shows the military attempting to stop the contagion and by attempting to quarantine the Dark Zone and by building a wall within the center of Manhattan. It is also revealed that some of the best loot will be found in the Dark Zone, this includes equipment, weapons, and possibly the cure for the disease.

The Division is slated for release on March 8, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Be sure to check out Twinfinite’s preview of the title, and for all of you who had hoped to be able to play through the companion app, don’t get your hopes up because Ubisoft has officially canceled that.


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