Sit in a Fallout Vault, Mass Effect Ship, or Bioshock’s Rapture with These Custom Video Game Ambiance Tracks

Sound like a hero.

Hello, players. Listen to your room. Now listen to this. Now back to your room. Now back to this. Sadly, your room isn’t this. But it could sound like it with Ambient Mixer video game mixes.

Ambient Mixer is a host to ambiance tracks from all walks of life, from the Slytherin Common Room to The Shire. Users create custom mixes specially designed to create the perfect audial experience, including some awesome video game tracks.

If you journey into their game corner, you could find yourself in the midst of Silent Hill, grabbing a pint at a cozy Skyrim inn, or sitting by a campfire at Zanarkand, sobbing, obviously.

final fantasy x, zanarkand


If you’re looking for more of a ‘I’m sitting inside a hunk of metal to avoid a nuclear wasteland’ vibe, The Sounds of Vault 101 has you covered, complete with time-appropriate radio, footsteps on metal, crinkling candy wrappers, and calming ventilator noises.

A list of Mass Effect, Fallout, Portal, and Bioshock tracks are readily listed here, and why not, here’s a bunch of Lord of the Rings tracks too, because you know you want them.

Let us know which video game mixes become your favorite background tracks!

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