PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Controller Coming This Fall

Finally we can play some shooters properly.

Game accessory and customized controllers maker, Hori, revealed their Tactical Assault Commander 4 controller designed for the PS4, a successor to the PS3’s Tactical Assault Commander 3. The listing is featured on Amazon and is priced at £86.35, with a UK only release date of Oct. 9. There is still no news regarding a US release date.

The price includes a gaming mouse that can be attached to the gaming pad. The pad features 18 buttons, including four pointers, up, down, right and left, a “share,” “options,” and “quick” buttons, as well as the four PlayStation buttons – triangle, square, circle, and x.



This keyboard and mouse gamepad couldn’t come in better time, since several shooters including Call Of Duty Black Ops III, Fallout 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront will be just weeks away.

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