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Look at How Tiny and Cute the Yarn Yoshi Amiibo Is


Look at How Tiny and Cute the Yarn Yoshi Amiibo Is

The Yarn Yoshi amiibo is tiny…and it just makes him so much cuter!

Last Friday, Yoshi’s Woolly World was released in Europe and alongside it came the incredibly adorable Yarn Yoshi amiibo. Now from all of those videos from Nintendo, it was difficult to gauge just how big the cute and cuddly Yoshi was. So we put together a gallery to show off just how tiny and adorable the new Yarn Yoshi amiibo really is.

We took him on a little tour of the house and pulled out a few household and gaming items in order to help you get an idea of exactly how small the little guy is. He’s a lot smaller than you may first have thought. It also gave us an excuse to mess around with him again, anyway enjoy the photos.

Have you also picked up a Yarn Yoshi amiibo? Post similar adorable photos in the comments below.

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