Life Is Strange Episode 4 Guide: How to Get All Optional Photo Achievements and Trophies

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Life Is Strange will up your achievements or trophies if you manage to find all the optional photos you can take as Max. Some are pretty hard to find and can be easily missed, so follow this guide to nab 11 achievements/trophies (10 photos and one for getting all of them) within Life Is Strange Episode 4: Dark Room. Need help with Episode 3’s? Head on over here.

This is your spoiler warning!



The first optional photo is going to be when you’re finally back in Chloe’s house in the original timeline. When you hop off the bed, turn left to look at Chloe and you’ll get the shot of her on the computer with the window in the background.



When you go to the basement of Chloe’s house to look for David’s clues, the second optional photo will be found there. Head to where the car used to be located in the garage and you’ll find a corner of boxes and a plank laying over a nest of blue jay eggs. Move the plank that’s blocking your view of the nest and snap the picture. If you don’t want to make a horrifying mistake, reverse time after moving the plank, by the way.



Optional photo number three will be within the school grounds during the day. Move past the football players to find a formation of rocks all stacked up in a very zen-like fashion. Snap a photo of it for this achievement/trophy.

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