League of Legends Ranked Mode Back Up for NA; Other Regions to be Enabled Soon

The drought has ended.

The drought has ended. League of Legends Ranked mode is finally back up, at least for NA servers. The popular game mode was taken down yesterday after players discovered a huge bug that allowed champions to recall to base instantly, rather than taking the typical few seconds. The few recall seconds may not seem like much, but the game’s balance was undone without this usual window of vulnerability and delay.

While the bug was first discovered with the champion Riven, multiple reports of the problem regarding multiple champions led Riot to shut down Ranked mode entirely. League of Legends players are no stranger to bug fixes, as Riot will occasionally disable a champion as needed to work the problem out. Not many have witnessed an entire ranked shut-out, especially not one lasting for so many hours.

Luckily, ranked mode has been re-enabled, and all regions are looking to be back to the ranked grind soon.

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