GTA V PC Mod Allows You To Be The Iron Man With All His Abilities

Be the Iron Man in this GTA V’s mod.

Since the dawn of time, Rockstar’s GTA series has always been the place where modders play and try to come up with the weirdest things and GTA V is no different. GTA X Scripting has uploaded a YouTube video showcasing his Iron Man Mark III mod for GTA V on PC.

The mod allows you to have Iron Man’s armor and the video showcases some of the well-known Iron Man abilities like flying, bulldozing cars and objects, firing laser from your hands, super strength and the most amusing of them all, rocket launchers.

The description states that download will be available soon as the modder is still working on the script + armor model. That’s why sometimes people prefer open-world games on PC as it provides more freedom to modders to do as they like. I think with time, you can assemble your very own Avengers by how many super-hero mods there will be for GTA V on PC.

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